Monday, July 18, 2011

July, 2011

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying the weather.

My latest book, “Out of the Past,” will be published by Bookstrand in August. The print copy will be out by Christmas.

It is a mystery/suspense about a young woman who is almost run over by a hit and run driver. She thinks it’s simply an accident, but is it? I will have an excerpt on my web site soon.

Many, many of you have e-readers. Everyone has their favorite brand, but no matter what the brand is, I think most people love them. I have found mine to be priceless. I take it with me whenever I leave town.

I’m signing off for now as I’m back to my computer creating a new manuscript. (Okay, the secret's out. I can almost always be found at my computer.)

I guess the quote by Danzae Pace sums up my thinking about writing: “If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don't remove it - I might be writing in my dreams.”

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