Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My next book, Shadow of Time, is a time travel romance set in Arizona. Here is a short overview:

After her devastating relationship, Samantha Nelson wants no man in her life. Fearful that her ex-boyfriend, Dan Ludock, will find her, she moves to the remote desert outside Golden Valley, Arizona. One year later, her goal of moving to Los Angeles is in sight, but she doesn’t bargain on the tall, ruggedly handsome stranger who walks out of the desert and into her life. Unable to turn away from someone in need, she allows Jesse Warner to stay in the old barn on the property she rents until he is able to move on.

Samantha’s total independence has been a hard fought battle, but Jesse’s kisses are a powerful and intoxicating aphrodisiac. Is their growing love strong enough to keep them together or will their two worlds tear them apart?

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